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Design, construction and maintenance

Fer.Vi 2002 S.r.l. is located in Filago in the province of Bergamo and has been involved in the design, production and maintenance of piping and mechanics for industrial chemical plants for over 20 years.

The company is able to satisfy all needs in the industrial mechanical field, as well as providing immediate, effective solutions suitable for the specific needs of each sector.

More than 100 employees and 150 collaborators including technical employees, engineers and teams of operators form a team that guarantees a timely and highly professional service.

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Fer.Vi 2002 operates according to a certified quality system and the added value of each service is given above all by its highly trained and qualified personnel, as well as by machinery that is always updated to the latest technological innovations. Each service is also correlated by the provision of a complete document book according to PED and UNI EN 1090 regulations.

From the pharmaceutical sector, to the petrochemical sector, to the food sector

In more than twenty years of activity, Fer.Vi 2002 has developed consolidated experience in the construction and commissioning of various types of industrial chemical plants, from pharmaceuticals to food, as well as plants for incineration and water treatment. The group is able to offer services which include:

  • Plant design based on specific needs
  • Industrial Plant Assembly
  • Construction of new plants
  • Review and certification of your system
  • Extensions of existing systems
  • Disassembly and transfer of plants
  • Supply of prefabricated parts and equipment (ATEX and PED)
  • Industrial equipment for pharmaceutical chemical plants (ATEX and PED)
  • Immediate intervention on production plants
  • Special fittings in INOX, Hastelloy, plastic material
  • Supply and assembly of pumps, filters, tanks


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